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I’d like to start out by telling you a few of the fears I have when I think about booking my own family photos.


No matter what type of session you book, I will be right alongside you in the preparation process so you can walk away from your session feeling completely satisfied. after Deposit is made, I will discuss location options, if applicable, clothing and accessories, and anything else you may need to make your session complete.

Each session includes a CD with digital images for you to print as you wish. There are no hidden costs and no purchase requirements. you will receive your CD within approximately 2-3 weeks after your session date. During high volume seasons, this may take a little longer.


-As a photographer, and like you most likely, we all have cameras and we all know how to use them, right? I feel like it can get great photos of my kiddos. But there is no way I can capture the real emotion that I feel for my kids, even if I have my camera on a self timer. It’s just too much!

-I also know that there are tons or photographers to choose from. I ask my friends and search the web until I find a photographer whose style I love, and I mean LOVE. And than I want to talk to that photographer to get a feel for their personality. Custom photography is an investment and if I’m going to make that investment, I want to love that photographer’s work and style. And I want to love their personality!

-For me, it seems like it is never the right time for family photos. I can do my own right? I’ll get rid of my love handles next month. I need a hair cut! My kids teeth are too snugly (I actually don’t really worry about this, my favorite photos are of my kids and their snugly teeth!). Well I have learned that it will never be the perfect time for photos if I think like this, and I will never get photos if I think like this. Your kids think you are perfect now and they need photos of you, remember this are their memories too, :)

-Will I look good? What do I wear? Well I used to worry about this, but now as a photographer I know several tricks about how to look great in photos, and that is my job to tell you all about that at your session! For a photography session, I want to look my best, so I take plenty of time to either have my hair and makeup done, or make sure I have time to do it myself. also Pinterest and Google help (search for what to wear for a family photo shoot) and it will give you tons of ideas. 

-Will my kids behave? Will they smile? I get so nervous before a session that my kids will not behave! Keep in mind that kids behave better for other people that for you (at least my kids do!). And as a photographer, I act like a big goof, just to get all kinds of smiles. I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself! I have all kinds of tricks up my sleeve to keep your kiddos happy.

So while I have obviously thought about all of these things quite a bit, I just wanted to share a few solutions I have come up with. I hope it helps! Now into to good stuff…















Before the session

Before your session, we will talk all about everything you would like from your photo session.  What photos are most important to you? Are there certain locations you would like to use? What and your kid’s favorite activities?  I want this to be a great time for the whole family!

Your family session will be held on location using natural light.  We will find a beautiful outdoor location for your photos, and your suggestions are more than welcome!  I have several locations that I can suggest as well.  Sessions are done 1 ½ to 2 hours before sunset; also know as the golden hour.  This beautiful light also occurs for about 1 to 1 ½ hours after sunrise, so if you are up for that, I am too!

 What to wear?

There are really no rules here, most importantly you want to reflect your personal style and be comfortable.  Try to avoid clashing patterns and colors.  I suggest picking a few basic colors and try to have everyone base their clothes around those colors.  Hats and scarves can add a fun pop of color, and can easily be switched out! you can Also use Pinterest and Google help (search for what to wear for a family photo shoot) and it will give you tons of ideas.
































Having a new baby is such an exciting and busy time in your life so I’d like to make things a little easier by letting you know what to expect at your session.

​Please know that we will be shooting very soon after the birth. I like to capture the baby within the first 3-15 days of birth, this is due to their sleepiness.  Once they get older they are more alert, awake for longer spurts and can be restless during a session.  

 I recommend that the newborn session take place in your home since everything you need is there. but if you preffer to use my home that is optional as well, as my room has a airy look to it. Babies need a lot of feedings, changing, and comforting and you are still recovering from bringing your little one into the world! This session is also longer than my other sessions. Newborn sessions usually last about 2 hours due to all thes, frequent breaks and making sure we keep the baby happy and sleepy for the majority of the session.

A few tips:
​•    I need to arrive at their sleepiest time – so keep an eye on their “new” schedule and we will figure out the best time to come.
•    you can choose a location you decide or We will be shooting in the room with the most available natural light so make sure the room is clear and clean.
•    with in home session I incorporate your home into the session for family images so make sure the nursery or your bedroom is nice and tidy, should we do photos in there.
•    Have your home nice and toasty for baby, and if you have a space heater best!!.
•    Try to feed baby 15 minutes or so prior to location arrival..
•    Have all items that you are interested in using in the shoot out and ready for me to sort through:  baskets, blankets, hats, headbands, etc. 
•    you would be in images with your baby, so make sure to look nice and wear colors that compliment your setting, and also make sure your nails look good just incase we decide to incorporate it in the photo.  
•    Be prepared for explosions of all kinds.  Poop, pee and spit up may go flying or spraying on anything around. (I get peed on a lot!) Have burp cloths, wipes and clean up stuff out and ready!
•    I suggest to have close family attend the session as is always great to have extra help. 

​Get ready to LOVE your baby even more, watching them sleep is such a beautiful thing. However, don’t be surprised if it takes them a good while to get into “baby model mode.”  They aren’t used to being handled this much! (I hear a lot of, “They aren’t usually like this.”)  Well, they aren’t usually picked up every few minutes and posed.  Eventually they get so tuckered out that they don’t notice.

​PLEASE READ. ​10 TIPS FOR YOUR FAMILY SESSION: These are the tips I came up with while being in my client’s shoes. I hope you’ll find them helpful! 1. Plan everything you can ahead (nap, feeding, travelling to a photo-shoot location, outfits).- Nap, Feeding. It’s extremely important to make sure your kids are in good mood. For my little one first rule is: make sure he slept enough and is not hungry. - Travelling. It’s important to be there on time (even 10 minutes earlier). This means you won’t be nervous because you are running late. Nervous parents = nervous kids. Also most likely your on-location photo shoot scheduled for the best time in terms of light. Coming late means missing the light. - Outfits. Choose your outfits the day before the session (even 2 days before). Don’t leave it for the last minute, otherwise it can end up being late! You want your outfits to match, but this doesn’t mean going with same colors. Most important: make sure you and your kids are comfortable in their outfits. For me it meant being able to run and jump with my daughter, because that’s the part of our relationships. preferably using a professional make up artist if not is fine too... make sure too look classy and comfortable. 2. Don’t get upset, if your plan doesn’t work. You planned everything, but at some point it went to a completely different direction? Please don’t be upset! Remember, that life is what happens while you are busy making plans. Enjoy all the spontaneous changes! 3. Talk to your kids about the session  – prepare them.Tell your kids more about what you are going to do in the Park (or any other location) and how much fun you are going to have. ​ Nothing about taking pictures (unless your kid is older than 5). But please do mention that you’ll meet another person (photographer) there and you’ll have a walk all together. It’s a good idea to ask your photographer more about the location, so you’ll know what to expect. 4. Never promise your kids something AFTER the session. This is the biggest mistake that parents can do. Example: “Junior, we are going to the Park. We’ll meet Maria there. She’s a photographer and will take pictures of me and you. You have to be a good Big boy. If you behave I’ll get a huge ice cream for you!” NO NO NO!!!If I would say this I know exactly what would happen: we’ll get into the park.. No actually he’ll start asking me about the ice cream even before. And then after the first shot she’ll start the tantrum, because I promised her the huge ice cream and still didn’t deliver it. This would be the end of our session! If you wish to add ice cream eating to your session – that’s great idea, but it’s not the same thing! 5. Hold on with snack. That was the mistake that I made. It was actually not the snack, it was cereal that we brought to keep my son Danny happy. But from the moment it got into his hands I couldn’t take it away. So if you bring a snack, try to hold on with it as long as you can, unless you want it in every picture! 6. Never ask your kid “Look into the camera”. For my sons this will be translated as “look to a completely different direction”. You want your kids to look into the camera, I know. Leave this part to a photographer who knows all the different tricks to get your child’s attention. If that’s the picture where everyone is looking into the camera – make sure you are looking and smiling all the time. Because there might be only a second when your kid is looking as well, you don’t want to miss it! 7. Never say “Stand here for a minute” .For my sons this will be translated as “Run away and never come back to this spot again”. Instead when your kid is in a good spot (and your photographer will tell you this) start telling a fairy tail, sing a song or do something silly to stop you kid for a second (second is usually enough)! 8. Listen to photographer’s directions! Yes, that’s right – you have to listen, not your kids. Photographer will tell you where the beautiful light is and what is the best thing to do in there (sit, stand, lay, twist). It’s your job to make it work by being creative! Of course if you want your pictures to be real and show your connection with your kids. Again, when you need to be in a specific spot with your kids, don’t mention anything about doing this for the picture. Just start doing something together over there. In our case: my oldest one loves books. So, when I needed to stay with him in a spot specified by photographer, I started to tell him one of his favorite stories, so she stopped and listened and participated. 9. Never say “Smile”. Please don’t! Your kids are smiling a lot without being asked, right? What makes them smile? What makes them laugh? You know all this little things! Use them!!! 10. Enjoy your family time. This one is the last and most important: make sure you are enjoying your time together! This will be reflected in your pictures and will make your heart sing each and every time you look at them!