M E E T    Y O U R    P H O T O G R A P H E R ! 



It's me, Maria others may know me by Mate (hints the name), I am the girl here behind all the magic here at LoveMate Photography. .

I'am the mother of 4 of the most handsome , sweetest, & pain in the butt boys ever,

& I’m also married to high school sweetheart for 16 years.

When I am not behind the camera, editing, or emailing you will find me hanging out with my family, we are BIG movie goers and love being together making memories. If you know me, you also know I am addicted to TGIF and home shopping, even tho after having my last baby you will find me at H&M buying baby clothes quite a bit. 

I’m very outgoing, loud and crazy, but I honestly think I’m just a passionate person, and that’s why I love my Job! Since the last couple of years I have grown tremendously and I’m so happy to be still loving and growing in this business.
I’m not a one time photographer, and most of my clients will tell you that, we will become great friends, if your worried or if you have some questions and it’s 12am text me! I’m here for you!

I have fallen in love with this life of mine and how fulfilled it makes my heart to meet new couples and capture their love. I believe every single couple has a perfect fit for a photographer. You should never feel as if your photographer is just another thing to check off your to-do list. when you arrive to the session be ready to snuggle up, break out your best dance moves, bump hips, do piggy back rides and just have a blast together. 

When Capturing your big day I love story telling, just Capturing your love in the best way possible... I’m a vail putting, dress fixing, alcohol getter, and kid watching while shooting your big day...I got you! Anything that you need that day I will be. My style is more of a lifestyle with some fun natural moments whatever it takes for that shot, whether it’s laying down on the ground, climbing, walking through tall grass (which I’m terrified of BTW) or even trespassing whatever it takes to get the best shot that brings out your personality as well the best you you can be! 

We will become friends. We will have a blast. We will probably cry from laughing to hard and I will bust out some terrible dance moves at your reception. I want to get to know you from the very beginning. I want to learn about your love story, how you met, your favorite food, music, and everything that makes you, YOU!

I am wildly in love with love, lets capture that!


I   w o u l d    l o v e    t o   b e   a b l e   t o   b e   p a r t   o f   y o u r   m e m o r i e s   a n d   c a p t u r e   y o u r   f a m i l i e s   p r e c i o u s   m o m e n t s.
Please feel free to contact me and let me know what kind of session you are interested in booking, if you have any questions I will be glad to help!